oishiitruck.com is a small, simple website for Food Truckers in your city.
oishiitruck.com is an empty website; it becomes whatever the local Food Truckers and Street Food Vendors posts to it.
with oishiitruck.com, you can quickly check if there are any food trucks, food vendors, or deliciousness within your area.

Usage and examples:

examples - 1 CHI
examples - 2 NYC
examples - 3
examples - 4 TYO

examples - Street Vendors

Features and Limitations:

oishiitruck.com messages are deleted after just 2 hours, so you can use different messages to target customers at different times of the day, based on optimal times to drive business.
quick, temporary messages can create a sense of excitement and urgency for purchase.

posting to oishiitruck.com is as Easy as sending an Email.

Go Ahead, give it a try:

take a selfie and email it
to: demo@zenofmeals.com
go to demo & click update
>> Demo Area <<